Joe Arpaio

1993-2016 Throughout his 24 year tenure Arpaio was criticized for using his office to engage in highly unprofessional activities for the sake of publicity or advancing issues that could help him get re-elected. At the end, Arpaio’s legal troubles seem to have … Continue reading

Sheriff Thomas J. Agnos

1989-92 Thomas Agnos is a former Assistant Chief of Police in Phoenix who focused on change within the Office. Aiming toward a metropolitan police management style, he encouraged training, initiated a tuition reimbursement program and looked to the day when … Continue reading

Richard Godbehere

1985-88 Dick Godbehere is a native Arizonan and businessman with a Navy background. He also has a police background in Tempe and with Arizona State University. Godbehere tried to establish a career path for detention officers and was sheriff during … Continue reading

Sheriff Jerry I. Hill

1977-84 Jerry Hill was a Phoenix police officer before becoming a MCSO deputy in 1953. He resigned in 1976 as a Lieutenant and was elected sheriff the same year. He built the Towers Jail and the Bell/Dysart Substation and jail … Continue reading

Sheriff Paul Blubaum

1973-76 Paul Blubaum was a former Phoenix Police Chief. He established the Sun City Posse and used the air posse for surveillance. Blubaum sent command staff to Northwestern University Traffic Institute; brought in more civilians to operate the jails; built … Continue reading

Sheriff John Mummert

1969-1972 John Mummert was a former California deputy sheriff elected in a Republican landslide. He wanted to minimize the “western look” of the office. Among many of the changes he initiated were establishing contract law enforcement services with towns and … Continue reading

Sheriff Luther C. “Cal” Boies

1946-68 “Cal” Boies was appointed to complete Roach’s term and, at the time, he was the longest serving sheriff in Maricopa County history – 22.5 years. He expanded the posses in number and function; set up a radio tower and established … Continue reading

Sheriff Ernest W. “Goldie” Roach

1945-46 Earnest Roach, popular and respected as a detective, commissioned a study of other sheriffs offices to establish standards for equipment, manpower and budgets. He died of a heart attack following a Shriner’s parade just after a primary election victory … Continue reading

Sheriff Jewel Jordan

1944 Jewel Jordan was the only woman sheriff in Maricopa County. Lon Jordan’s widow was appointed to complete his term after his death. A respected administrator, she later headed the Crime Prevention Bureau and was elected to a single term … Continue reading

Sheriff Lon Jordan

1939-44 Lon Jordan was a popular three term sheriff in Maricopa County, who sponsored the first FBI training school in the valley. He established a two-way radio hookup to the Highway Patrol’s station KNGG; initiated the Maricopa Mounted Posse; and … Continue reading

Sheriff Roy Merrill

1937-38 Roy Merrill introduced a “safety car” that was a combination patrol vehicle, first aid station and welcome wagon. Countywide gambling and political corruption charges were the focus of conflict between many public officials. Merrill was tried and acquitted of … Continue reading

Sheriff James R. McFadden

1931-36 James McFadden was a three term sheriff whose staff included one former and six future sheriffs. The Winnie Ruth Judd case was the major media event of his administration, followed by depression era labor riots and attempts to oust … Continue reading

Sheriff Charles H. Wright

1929-30 Charles Wright urged the fingerprinting of children in 1929 and opened the new jail on top of the First Avenue Court House. The vertical bars had no screens and inmates hauled contraband in through the windows. Jail discipline and … Continue reading

Sheriff Andrew J. Moore

1925-26 Andrew Moore’s father was Yavapai County Sheriff when that County included the Salt River Valley. He served as one of two Phoenix policemen and became City Marshall before his election as Sheriff. His 1925 desk log is preserved in … Continue reading

Sheriff Jerry Sullivan

1923-24, 1926-27 During Jerry Sullivan’s first term, Supervisors established an “Urgency Fund” so that deputies no longer waited for reimbursement of work expenses. He lost a first bid for re-election, but was elected again in 1926. Sullivan died of natural … Continue reading

Sheriff John G. Montgomery

1919-1922 John Montgomery was a two term sheriff who saw the workload change to include an emphasis on traffic and prohibition. The increasing use of “uncompensated deputies” rose to 23. They were the forerunners of today’s posses and reserves.

Sheriff William Henry Wilky

1917-18 William Henry Wilky’s best efforts could not prevent the lynching of Starr Daley, an event that precipitated the reinstatement of the death penalty in Arizona. James and Florence Gibson were traveling on the Apache Trail, and decided to stop … Continue reading

Jefferson Davis Adams

1912-16, 1927-28 Jefferson Adams served as Undersheriff to Carl Hayden. He was the first Maricopa County Sheriff elected in the State of Arizona. He was elected to three terms and was appointed to complete the remaining term after Jerry Sullivan’s … Continue reading

Sheriff Carl Hayden

1907-12 Carl Hayden’s role as the last territorial sheriff was overshadowed by 56 years in Congress. He claimed that he owed much of his statewide popularity to extraditing prisoners and from welcoming extradition officers from other jurisdictions.

Sheriff John Elliott Walker

1905-06 John Walker served Sheriff Murphy as a jailer, First Deputy and Undersheriff after previous appointments as District Court Clerk and two terms as county treasurer. Depressed aft6er losing his bid for renominiation and in the midst of a deputy … Continue reading

Sheriff William W. Cook

1903-04 William Cook was the president of the Arizona Cattle Growers Association. He used his prominent position in such Phoenix fraternal organizations as the Elks, Shriners, Jesters, Scottish Rite and Odd Fellows to promote many social and educational causes.

Sheriff Samual S. Stout

1901-02 Samual Stout established a farm at 35 Avenue and Glendale paying $1.25 per acre. He raised wheat, cattle and hogs. Stout was a charter member of the Salt River Water Users Association.

Sheriff David L. Murray

1899-1900 David Murray was a rancher and a businessman who owned a slaughterhouse, meat market and cold storage plant. He served two terms as county treasurer. During a smallpox cycle, Murray deputized quarantine guards and paid them 2.50 per day.