We honor these brave officers and their families.

Sadly, across the country, many law enforcement officers will lose their lives this year while performing their duties. The Steve Young Memorial Scholarship Program, created by a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, is administered by the National Fraternal Order of Police Foundation to assist the spouses of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

It’s not how these deputies died that makes them heroes. It’s how they lived.

Dedicated to these brave deputies who have been given the last call and their families.

Deputy David Wargo

In 2003, MCSO Deputy Wargo suffered terrible brain trauma when heĀ  approached a driver who was acting suspiciously. The driver attempted to flee and Wargo was dragged several yards as he tried to stop the vehicle. His head hit a … Continue reading

Deputy William “Bill” Coleman

Deputy Sheriff William Coleman, age 50, was shot and killed while responding to a burglary call in Anthem at approximately 4:15 am January 8, 2012. As he and another deputy arrived at the scene they encountered a male subject inside … Continue reading

Deputy Gary Labenz

October 10, 2005 Deputy Gary Labenz suffered a fatal heart attack in San Antonio, Texas, while returning to Arizona from participating in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana. The relief team Deputy Labenz was assigned to rescued more … Continue reading

Deputy Kenneth R. Blair

September 28, 1995 Responding to a domestic violence call at an apartment complex near Luke Air Force Base, Deputy Blair called for a backup but decided to enter the apartment alone when he heard a woman screaming. Blair was gunned … Continue reading

Deputy Edwardo M. Gonzales

August 28, 1995 While joining the pursuit of a burglary suspect, Deputy Gonzales swerved to avoid hitting a car entering the intersection at 59th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. His patrol car slammed into a parked cement truck, and Gonzales … Continue reading

Sergeant Patrick J. Riley

March 11, 1994 Sergeant Pat Riley was struck by a dump truck and killed while directing traffic at a construction site on 64th Street and University Drive. Though he was working an off-duty job, his death qualifies as a line-of-duty … Continue reading

Vernon Marconnet

June 30, 1988 On patrol near 35th Avenue and Carver Road, Deputy Marconnet stopped to investigate two suspicious vehicles. He found a father and three sons who had been drinking and arguing. Just after he called for a backup, 911 … Continue reading

Corporal Darrell “Bud” McCloud

May 13, 1985 Corporal “Bud” McCloud was on a routine traffic call at 2100 hours when his life was taken in a collision at the intersection of 107th Avenue and Camelback. Passers-by pulled him from his patrol car and administered … Continue reading

Deputy James L. Epp

March 1, 1978 A posseman with more than twenty years as a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office volunteer, Reserve Deputy Jim Epp drowned while attempting to rescue two women trapped in their car when Cave Creek Wash flooded. James Epp was … Continue reading

Deputy Ralph K. Butler

June 12, 1972 On a summer Sunday morning Deputy Butler was patrolling Highway 60 west of Wickenburg when he received a radio call for assistance at a double fatality accident near Wittmann. After turning his car around off of the … Continue reading

Deputy Warren LaRue

January 18, 1971 In a single day, two veteran deputies were killed while serving a civil writ of attachment. At 1300 hours they arrived at 5344 East Van Buren Street to repossess a mobile home in satisfaction for an $833 … Continue reading

Deputy Rex A. Stone

January 18,1971 In a single day, two veteran deputies were killed while serving a civil writ of attachment. At 1300 hours they arrived at 5344 East Van Buren Street to repossess a mobile home in satisfaction for an $833 bank … Continue reading

Lieutenant Robert L. Dorn

August 31, 1965 Lieutenant Bob Dorn stopped to assist an apparently stalled car at 91st Avenue and Glendale Avenue. The driver had been recently visited by deputies inquiring about delinquent taxes. In a panic over the possibility of losing his … Continue reading

Deputy Gerald Barnes

October 5, 1957 Deputy Gerald Barnes drowned while pinned in the wreckage of the Sheriff’s four passenger Tri-Pacer after it crashed into the Arizona Canal seven miles northeast of Scottsdale. Barnes and Deputy Frank Grove were serving as observers while … Continue reading

Deputy Burtice W. Wickstrum

January 8, 1951 Deputy Wickstrum died of injuries suffered in a late night collision at the intersection of Third Avenue and Filmore Street. He and Deputy C.H. Russell were rushing to a reported sighting of a wanted killer when the … Continue reading

Special Deputy Edward Roberts

July 21, 1937 On a July morning Special Deputy Edward Roberts was summoned to Southwest Cotton Camp # 53 in Litchfield in response to reports that J.R. Murdoch, foreman of the camp, had been killed by a drunken employee that … Continue reading

Deputy Lee Wright

January 29, 1930 Deputy Lee Wright and two fellow deputies attempted to stop a car carrying kidnapping suspects and their hostage, Pinal County Deputy Joe Chapman. During a gunfight at a roadblock, Chapman was wounded, but he survived. The shots … Continue reading

Deputy Almon W. Dana

April 9, 1922 Two motorcycle deputies, Almon Dana and Frank Bell attempted to set a speed trap about 2 a.m. on Tempe Road (Van Buren). When a fast moving car passed Deputy Frank Bell, he pursued it from the East. … Continue reading